The hidden messages in children’s literature Part 1.

At yoga the other day I overheard two mothers talking about their children.  One mother talked about her daughter’s school celebrating Dr. Seuss.  As part of that celebration the parents made green eggs and ham for the class and the students were asked to write where they would eat green eggs and ham.  My kids are college age and I for one am happy to be past the children’s book phase.  I had problems with the hidden messages in so many of the children’s books.

Green eggs and ham was about a guy who pushes the product on another who really has no interest in or need for it.  When the “pushee” finally relents and tries the green stuff…he is hooked.  He will eat them in the park he will eat them in the dark he will eat them here and there he will eat them anywhere!  So we teach our kids that not only is it OK to accept green stuff from strangers it’s a good idea because they, our kids, will like it on a train in the rain in a box with a fox they will like it here or there..our kids will like it everywhere.

I suppose in the campaign to legalize marijuana Sam-I-Am will make a good spokesperson.

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