The competition is fierce for “father of the year”.

Joe Jackson nominated for his efforts to use his son’s tragic death to promote himself and his wallet

John Phillips nominated for wanting to be his own child’s grandfather.

Phillip Garrido nominated because his need to be a dad was so great he kidnapped and raped a child.

Marcus Wesson nominated for cleaning up the mess he made committing incest by killing the product thereof.

Richard Heene nominated for using his kids as a meal ticket and teaching then to lie and cheat in front of the entire world.

Jon Gosselin didn’t get nominated this year because his philandering, partying and drug use financed by pimping his kids did not rise to the necessary demented level.  Better luck next year Jon.

One Response to “The competition is fierce for “father of the year”.”

  1. JayElle Says:

    I vote for Joe Jackson. I can’t tell you why he repels me the most. Maybe because the others are sicko criminals who can be prosecuted as such (except for Phillipps who is dead). Joe is just the ultimate moral slime who cannot be imprisoned, prosecuted or brought to some form of justice.

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