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Geraldo is now giving out fashion advice

Headline: Geraldo Rivera blames hoodie for Trayvon Martin’s death

Testimony From The Trouble Makers



 The federal government once again has considered legislating against cartoon characters .  Somehow the fine men and women of congress have made a connection between Captain Crunch and children overeating…and listening to Justin Beiber causes acne…and listening to Barbra Streisand causes arthritis.  Excuse me while I delete my Babs and download some Beebs.

Who’s Your Momma?

Obama’s first term is headed toward the final lap.  What is remarkable is how little he has been able to get done while in the White House.  He was elected with great hopes of change.  He entered office with a list of promises to fix what was broken.  Unfortunately the list has not gotten shorter. The unpopular war continues and the bad economy gets worse.  The main reason he has failed is that he cannot get the congress to back him on his agenda.  When it comes to congress Obama is like the mom who wants to be the Popular Mom and it hasn’t been working.  Maybe he should be more like the Tiger Mom.

Mr. President when did you find the time to sit down and write a book?

I know that it is a children’s book only a few dozen pages and illustrated, but in these times when the country is struggling with massive unemployment, a scary weak economy, rising health costs, rising education costs, not to mention a war half way around the world still claiming the lives of our sons and daughters couldn’t you have waited until you finished your job before you retired to the typewriter?

Please turn around and look out your window.

Next year on the ballot: viruses are living beings and have the right to vote

Recently I read in a local paper a piece that made me think.  The writer shared with us that on a recent night at 10 pm when she was letting the dogs out for one last time before they were to come in for the night she accidentally stepped on something that crunched.  The crunch under her flip-flops sent pangs of horror though her.  She turned on an outside light and saw that indeed she had crushed a snail.  The author saw nearby a “baby” snail “just as big as a minute” and felt like she had “ruined a family.”  She explains that with age she has gained a respect for life and that she has no business deciding when a life ends.  She admits to having arachnophobia but explains that when she sees a spider she gets a cup and a piece of hard paper and relocates the spider outside the walls of her home.

Most of the time animal rights people take things a little too far.  I object to the projection of human emotions on animals.  I think that it is disrespectful to the animal and very manipulative.  Maybe that mother snail was abusive in which case that baby was grateful for the loss of that parent. And instead of ruining a family the author had given the baby a bright future full of potential.  Now it could grow up to be a snail doctor or snail lawyer.

Where does the author  draw the line?  I wonder when the author gets strep throat if she takes antibiotics.  Bacteria are living.  If she takes the antibiotics she has caused the cessation of a life.

We need to be respectful of all living things but we don’t need to hold a funeral when we kill an insect.

Are you my mother?

France is in the process of enacting legislation that would make it illegal to cover ones face.  It is aimed at outlawing the burka ( As reported in the LA Times.) Don’t worry about Halloween, masks used for festival and holidays will still be legal.  The burka and niqab have always been a troublesome issue for me.  A woman’s face is a very important tool when parenting.  A mother’s smile sends a positive message to a child and on the other hand a mother’s frown lets the child know she is displeased.  Imagine a child coming home from school with a mother’s day card and all the child sees from his mom a face full of blue sheet.

And speaking of school, how does a kid know which mom to go home with at carpool time?

Calling it as I see it.

Dr. Phil is not a doctor.  He is an old busybody lady who likes to stir up trouble where there isn’t any.  He invites people on his show, treats them to hotel stays, meals and limo rides.  At the studios his victims are pampered by the producers who dress, coif and apply heavy make-up so that they look pretty on camera.  When the camera rolls he works his special magic of creating the drama he needs to sustain his show.  Shame on you, Mrs. Phil…and shame on me for watching.


I subscribe to an email magazine.  It keeps me up on the latest trends.  I need to stay relevant.  A recent email article was about an organic bee and wasp trap.  The selling points were that is was organic and humane.  The article suggested that when you eat outdoors you can set the trap using sugar and vinegar; the bees enter to chow down and can’t get out. When your meal is over you can empty the trap and “let them fly away.”  And now I am upset.  I have to be humane to a bee?  Who decided that when you picnic it was inhumane to trap and kill the stinging machines that are bees and wasps.  A single bee sting can kill someone who is allergic.  Then I thought if someone has decided I can’t kill bees it will not be long before some tree hugger will create an organization called BAP2 (Bees Are People 2) and then Pam Anderson protesting the abuse of bees will don a “bee-kini” and make a poster.  And then there will be legislation penalizing the mistreatment of bees and wasps.    Bee killers will be jailed.  The friends and families of the bee killers will try to protest but uncontrolled swarms of bees will attack and kill the protesters and then can the end of the world be far behind?

I got a grip and decided to go online and check out the manufacturer’s web site.  Apparently they don’t claim the bees survive the trap.  So, to quote Emily Litella, “Never mind.”

The hidden messages in children’s literature Part 1.

At yoga the other day I overheard two mothers talking about their children.  One mother talked about her daughter’s school celebrating Dr. Seuss.  As part of that celebration the parents made green eggs and ham for the class and the students were asked to write where they would eat green eggs and ham.  My kids are college age and I for one am happy to be past the children’s book phase.  I had problems with the hidden messages in so many of the children’s books.

Green eggs and ham was about a guy who pushes the product on another who really has no interest in or need for it.  When the “pushee” finally relents and tries the green stuff…he is hooked.  He will eat them in the park he will eat them in the dark he will eat them here and there he will eat them anywhere!  So we teach our kids that not only is it OK to accept green stuff from strangers it’s a good idea because they, our kids, will like it on a train in the rain in a box with a fox they will like it here or there..our kids will like it everywhere.

I suppose in the campaign to legalize marijuana Sam-I-Am will make a good spokesperson.