Why Seven Cont’d

happy-12Happy slipped next to sleeping Snow before dawn
Snow awakened and agreed with a yawn
…..First lots of foreplay
…..Then ole Snow in dismay
As Happy handed her a strap-on

Snow thought sex with Bashful would be a tripbashful-1
A shy dwarf could really be very hip
…..Things started out fine
…..Then swiftly declined
When Bashful brought out the whip.

to be continued…

Why Seven cont’d

With Sneezy on top Snow happily moaned
The drawf proved where his name came from
…..On her big Snow White bust
…..Cocaine he did dust
He sniffed, and sneezed and then did come.

Seeing Dopey nude, Snow broke into song
It seems the dwarf had one very large dong
…..To Snow’s delight
…..It got even better that night
Because Dopey could go all night long!

to be continued…

An Historic Day and Poetry

It was an historic day today, a proud day for Americans.  It was reported that almost 2 million people crowded in to view the inauguration of our first black president.  It was an impressive ceremony.  President Obama’s speech was as always eloquent. He has brought optimism to these uncertain times. And I was surprised to see that he is a lefty.  And I thought the news coverage was well done.  From the camera shots to the commentary it was all very respectful and informative.

However I didn’t get the poem. I am sure the poet is a very nice lady. But, what was that? For me a poem should rhyme somewhere. For example Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven: Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary. It should be a bit lyrical and concise.  I have written poems.  One of my early works appears below.  Enjoy.

A lady at lunch very nice
Found the bread basket did entice
…..The baguette she did butter
…..And with no words being uttered
She stuck it in the wrong orifice.