Calling it as I see it.

Dr. Phil is not a doctor.  He is an old busybody lady who likes to stir up trouble where there isn’t any.  He invites people on his show, treats them to hotel stays, meals and limo rides.  At the studios his victims are pampered by the producers who dress, coif and apply heavy make-up so that they look pretty on camera.  When the camera rolls he works his special magic of creating the drama he needs to sustain his show.  Shame on you, Mrs. Phil…and shame on me for watching.

Can 80 be sexy?


Just recently I celebrated another birthday.  I am at the age where I have celebrated more birthdays than I have left.  But I am not only running out of birthdays.  As we age we lose things along the way like a car worse warranty has run out and is dropping parts one by one along the road.  One day in the very, very, very distant future I hope to make it to 80 and beyond.  So I ponder can 80 years old be sexy?  I imagine if you are 90 years old 80 looks sexy.