Who’s Your Momma?

Obama’s first term is headed toward the final lap.  What is remarkable is how little he has been able to get done while in the White House.  He was elected with great hopes of change.  He entered office with a list of promises to fix what was broken.  Unfortunately the list has not gotten shorter. The unpopular war continues and the bad economy gets worse.  The main reason he has failed is that he cannot get the congress to back him on his agenda.  When it comes to congress Obama is like the mom who wants to be the Popular Mom and it hasn’t been working.  Maybe he should be more like the Tiger Mom.

Traffic Sign In the Oval Office

Mr. President when did you find the time to sit down and write a book?

I know that it is a children’s book only a few dozen pages and illustrated, but in these times when the country is struggling with massive unemployment, a scary weak economy, rising health costs, rising education costs, not to mention a war half way around the world still claiming the lives of our sons and daughters couldn’t you have waited until you finished your job before you retired to the typewriter?

Please turn around and look out your window.

The comedy police are at it again.

obama-bowling1The other night our president made history by appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  He made history, he made me laugh and he made the people at the Special Olympics unhappy.  I am grateful to anyone who can make me laugh.  People don’t laugh enough

This is how it went down: Toward the end of the interview Obama answered Jay Leno’s inquiry into whether he was using the White House bowling alley.

“I bowled a 129,” he said

“That’s very good, Mr. President,” Leno sarcastically replied.

“It’s like the Special Olympics or something,” the president said.

This is funny.  Our president has some natural comedic ability.  He has timing, he can laugh at himself and he has economy of words.    “It’s like the Special Olympics…”  Look at all this tells us.  He knows he will never compete against a pro.  He compares himself to an athlete with a disability.  Why is this offensive?  South Park did a very funny episode on Special Olympics. In the episode Cartman, (one of my personal heroes) figures he can be a sure winner at the Special Olympics and feigns a disability to get in.  Of course he is beaten by the disabled athletes.  My guess is that president Obama would lose bowling game against a disabled bowler.  And that would make him eligible for the Extra Special Special Olympics.

We need to lighten up.  We are eliminating one by one the topics about which we can laugh.  Keep up this elimination process and we will have nothing left we can laugh at.  That in itself is just as dangerous to the survival of mankind as is global warming.