Shame on Comedy Central for empowering extremists

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are national treasures.  I want my children to tune into South Park, and all other TV shows and films created by this talented duo.  Watching South Park my kids have learned tolerance, and acceptance. They have learned to appreciate that handicap people ( Jimmy and Timmy) are just as whole and complete as those who are not handicapped, and that  people no matter their sexual orientation (Big Gay Al and Mr. Garrison) are caring and giving people.  They have learned about the perils of peer pressure from watching Kyle and Stan resist succumbing.  My kids have learned about safe sex from Ms. Chokesondik, they have learned not to be afraid of an extremist named Bin Laden.  And my kids have learned about eternal optimism from Butters, a kid who if locked in a room full of donkey sh*t will happily play knowing that with all that donkey sh*t there has GOT to be a donkey in there somewhere…however if he brings the animal home his parents will probably ground him.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone should never, ever be censored.