Global Warming, Schmobal Warming

It rained today and it was lovely.  Why do people always complain about the weather?  And why should we expect weather forecasters to be ultimately accurate?  Weather remains beyond our control and beyond our understanding, which brings me to the issue of “Global Warming.”  I put the words in quotes, and when I speak the words I get to use my fingers to make “air quotes”.  And I use my fingers to make “air quotes” when I say “air quotes”.  Sorry to digress.

I don’t think “Global Warming” is as much a planetary phenomenon as it is a business idea.  The earth is dynamic.  It is constantly in flux.  Today in the paper on the front page was an article about a nearly discovered fossilized snake.  It is estimated that it slithered on this earth over 2 million years ago and was so big it could down a whole cow.  That had to be one magnificent reptile.  You could probably fill Zappos warehouse with shoes using the skin from just one of those snakes.  Anyway, that snake is extinct, and not by the actions of man.  The extinction was something planet earth did.

As we observe the temperatures on earth change I don’t know if we are seeing a long term warming trend. And if there is a warming trend I don’t know how much, if any, man contributes.  But what I do know is that it has become a big enterprise with people making lots of money.  What is a carbon credit, where can I buy some? My friend’s birthday is coming up and she is so hard to shop for.  I know that Al Gore sells them.  Now isn’t that CONVENIENT.

PS: A shout out to the church lady.