Politically correct, correcter and correctest


Yesterday I cashed a check at the bank and got one of the old $100 bills.  The portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the old bill is different from the portrait on the new bill in several ways.  But the change that really frosts my balls is the removal of his fur collar.  Today it is not politically correct to wear fur.  So Old Ben is now dressed like he shopped at Macy’s.  This is just wrong.  When Ben was outfitting himself he would go to furriers and tailors and leather smiths.  I say put the fur back on Ben and if him wearing fur frosts your balls then lets shop on Melrose for him.  Give him a sideways hat, a piercing, soul patch, bling and a Rolex.

One Response to “Politically correct, correcter and correctest”

  1. Bob Says:

    Yeah, like that really makes me feel like my teat is in a ringer. You go girl – give em Hell!!!!

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