The rules applied to normal people don’t apply to Donald Trump. I say when he goes low we go lower.

Trump’s a bully plain and clear.  Right now his bullying of North Korea is seriously scary. And not only has he been financially bankrupt, he is also morally, emotionally, ethically and  intellectually bankrupt for starters.  From now on he shall be known as “Bankrupt Donald” or “Trump the Bankrupt” or “Donald Bankrupt Trump.”

The competition is fierce for “father of the year”.

Joe Jackson nominated for his efforts to use his son’s tragic death to promote himself and his wallet

John Phillips nominated for wanting to be his own child’s grandfather.

Phillip Garrido nominated because his need to be a dad was so great he kidnapped and raped a child.

Marcus Wesson nominated for cleaning up the mess he made committing incest by killing the product thereof.

Richard Heene nominated for using his kids as a meal ticket and teaching then to lie and cheat in front of the entire world.

Jon Gosselin didn’t get nominated this year because his philandering, partying and drug use financed by pimping his kids did not rise to the necessary demented level.  Better luck next year Jon.


Why Seven cont’d

With Sneezy on top Snow happily moaned
The drawf proved where his name came from
…..On her big Snow White bust
…..Cocaine he did dust
He sniffed, and sneezed and then did come.

Seeing Dopey nude, Snow broke into song
It seems the dwarf had one very large dong
…..To Snow’s delight
…..It got even better that night
Because Dopey could go all night long!

to be continued…

Why seven?

When I read to my kids I often wondered about why the authors chose certain numbers.  I mean why three pigs, why ten little indians and why seven drawfs.  Then I took a good look at Snow White.  She is lost in a forest and yet look how happy she is.  Why so happy, Snow?  Then is occurred to me…

Snow White in the forest did seek
Shelter in a house by the creek
…..When she found that inside
…..Seven dwarfs did reside
She exclaimed, “Great one for each night of the week.”

Doc she thought might be the best night
But ole Snow, she just didn’t think right
…..When they both did undress
…..Snow cried in distress
Crap, you’re a f**kin’ transvestite!

to be continued…