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My page to write what is on my mind. If you were smart you would listen, if you are genius you would take notes I have been looking forward to this for a long time.  I have advice to give, observations to report and a lot on my mind that needs to be shared.

First of all I’m a baby boomer and I apologize for everything that is wrong in this world.  We baby boomers are responsible for all that sucks in the world today.  For instance, bicycle helmets…you are required to wear them whenever you are on a bike.  You can buy a cool looking bike; however with the helmet you look like a nerd, cool no more.  Baby boomers were concerned about cyclists hurting their heads.  If we baby boomers wanted to stop bicycle injuries we should have just outlawed bicycles.

And I’m sorry about  the feminist movement.  That has created more problems than it was worth,  All the kids today whose last name is a hyphenated coupling of their mother’s and father’s last name.  So many kids now have four initials…that’s just wrong. Initials come in threes and only threes.  We baby boomers had to mess with that.  And what about when two children of baby boomers get married and have their own children…If they follow the lead of their parents their children will have two hyphenated names put together to make a four name last name.  OK…so Tiffany Goldberg-Henderson marries Brandon Beiderman-Samuelson…their children will be Goldberg-Henderson-Beiderman-Samuelson.  One kid could grow up to be a four man law firm all by himself.  Or excuse me…not PC…all by him/herself.  The parents of the baby boomers were all about shortening names.  Heck when you got to Ellis Island you didn’t have to bring with you your polysyllabic, multi-consonant name.  Yosef Scmirrovcovosky became Joe Schmo…nice and short.

And since I brought it up…I’m sorry about PC.  Politically Correct took all the fun out of life.  It was created by baby boomers because they had lost their sense of humor.  I think they may have lost their sense of humor when they lowered their body fat, or maybe botox dissolves it, or maybe hair plugs plug it…whatever being PC sucks.  I’m an old Jewish lady.  Make a joke about me being old and if it’s good I will laugh.  Make a joke about me being Jewish and if it’s good I’ll laugh…however if you are not Jewish I doubt any joke you tell will be funny, because Jews control comedy.

I also have to apologize for rice cakes.  When we baby boomers started having babies we wanted them all to grow up to be the best possible human specimen ever…and I mean EVER.  So we decided everything that passes our children’s lips shall have nutritional value.  So for snacks potato chips were out and rice cakes were in.  Rice cakes are not food, like the number zero, rice cakes are space holders.  People were meant to enjoy food.  Good food makes you hum…rice cakes makes you long for a potato chips.

I  apologize for all the baby boomer TV shows that keep getting made into Movies.  We thought that our TV was just so much fun.  The Brady Bunch, The Beverly Hillbillies,  Charlie’s Angels.  They were baby boomer shows and they were OK, but they should never be movies…besides TV is much better today than in the 60’s, except for Rocky and Bullwinkle, Warner Brother’s cartoons and Not Necessarily the News.

OK this rant is over.

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