The competition is fierce for “father of the year”.

Joe Jackson nominated for his efforts to use his son’s tragic death to promote himself and his wallet

John Phillips nominated for wanting to be his own child’s grandfather.

Phillip Garrido nominated because his need to be a dad was so great he kidnapped and raped a child.

Marcus Wesson nominated for cleaning up the mess he made committing incest by killing the product thereof.

Richard Heene nominated for using his kids as a meal ticket and teaching then to lie and cheat in front of the entire world.

Jon Gosselin didn’t get nominated this year because his philandering, partying and drug use financed by pimping his kids did not rise to the necessary demented level.  Better luck next year Jon.

Where are you going to put your piece of the peace prize?

Barack Obama had been in office for a matter of weeks when his name was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and had yet to complete his first year when the prize was awarded to him.  In the words of the organization Obama was selected “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”.  It appears to many, including me, that Bush’s foreign policy, and failure thereof, set the stage forMantel1 Obama’s Nobel Prize.  In the 8 years of the Bush administration among other things the USA created a major military presence in two Mideast countries and ignored international co-operation on many matters including the environment and disarmament.

So if Obama won the prize because he replaced Bush and reversed the foreign policies of the Bush administration than the prize was given to the wrong person.  It should go to the voters who put Obama into office. 

I have made a place on the mantel for my portion of the prize.

Do we really need to know?

I wonder what is worse…the things consenting adults do behind closed doors, or the people who need to peep inside.

Justice the American Way

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