Why not pamper them?

Now that the CIA has produced the documents that detail the use of “enhanced interrogations techniques” members of the former administration have asserted the effectiveness of them.  Let’s not mince words.  “Enhanced interrogation techniques” is a fancy way to say torture.  Torture has never proven to be effective in getting reliable information.  Cheney is a very patriotic American.  He no doubt loves his country and was proud to serve as second in command.  And, I would guess that if Cheney was captured and tortured for information that he would rather die than betray his country.  So why would he think that he can force betrayal by a soldier of the enemy by inflicting physical and emotional pain?

I suggest that a better approach to getting vital information from a captured enemy soldier could be derived from the Stockholm syndrome.  The psychology behind the Stockholm syndrome is that when hostages are treated kindly they become sympathetic to their captors.  A headline example is Patty Hearst.  She was captured by the SLA.  When the group brought her to rob a bank, Patty Hearst did not make a run for it, she aided in the robbery.

Cheney probably would have gotten more information from the prisoners if he had not used the water for water boarding, but had put it in a nice warm spa with jets.  A spa full of prisoners liquored up with Piña Coladas would be more likely to reveal secrets than a jail full of prisoners who are treated less than human and are blind folded and shackled, and scared sh*tless.