Evolution is a bitch.

Modern man’s ancestors originally walked on all fours.   When man started to use tools he needed his hands to work and thus he started to walk upright on just two of his four limbs.  The muscles of the lower back and stomach however did not have time to evolve and strengthen to the new posture.  In other words man stood up too fast and that hurt his back.

Are you my mother?

France is in the process of enacting legislation that would make it illegal to cover ones face.  It is aimed at outlawing the burka ( As reported in the LA Times.) Don’t worry about Halloween, masks used for festival and holidays will still be legal.  The burka and niqab have always been a troublesome issue for me.  A woman’s face is a very important tool when parenting.  A mother’s smile sends a positive message to a child and on the other hand a mother’s frown lets the child know she is displeased.  Imagine a child coming home from school with a mother’s day card and all the child sees from his mom a face full of blue sheet.

And speaking of school, how does a kid know which mom to go home with at carpool time?