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Why Seven the end

Maybe Grumpy could fix Snow’s sexual slump
But in the sheets Miss White felt a lump
…..From the awful smell
…..Snow could tell
In the bed Grumpy had taken a dump

sleep11Sleepy couldn’t stay awake to please her
But Snow didn’t let that faze her
…..While Sleepy slept soundly
…..Snow changed the batteries
And ended her week with her vibrator

The Pet Police Are At It Again

The pet Nazis are at it again.  Vice President Joe Biden received a German Sheppard puppy for his birthday from his wife Jill.  The knee jerk reaction of PETA and their cohorts was to attack and murmur this little tidbit of a sound bite, “Buy one get one killed.”  Their convoluted logic is that when a breeder sells a dog a shelter kills a dog.  There is no cause and effect relationship there.  When a breeder sells a puppy all the dogs in the shelter are safe.  To all PETA I say, “Down Sparky.”

What PETA would like to hide from the public as they promote the adoption of dogs in the shelters is that many dogs end up there as an “owner surrender.”  And why would an owner give up a dog?  Many give up a dog because they weren’t cut out for dog ownership and as a result many dogs that find themselves in shelters are not “socialized.”

The unfortunate canines may have been mistreated and perhaps abused by those who were in control.  The result is an animal that is mistrustful of humans.  When a dog cannot trust humans it must fall back on its innate instinct and then the result is a de-domesticated animal.  If you tie a playful puppy up to a post and kick him every hour it is not long before the puppy is no longer playful but now a killer. If you adopt from a shelter you should be prepared to re-domesticate the canine.  And that takes time, patience and skill.

And here’s another irony, if the PETA people had their way all cats and dogs would be sterilized within the first months of life.  And if that happened they would soon be extinct.  And if there are no pets, there is no PETA.  How mind-blowing is that.

PETA is at the extreme.  They need to lighten up for the sake of all animals…and dare I say it, humans. I repeat to PETA, “Down Sparky.”

Why Seven Cont’d

Happy slipped next to sleeping Snow before dawn
Snow awakened and agreed with a yawn
…..First lots of foreplay
…..Then ole Snow in dismay
As Happy handed her a strap-on

Snow thought sex with Bashful would be a tripbashful-1
A shy dwarf could really be very hip
…..Things started out fine
…..Then swiftly declined
When Bashful brought out the whip.

to be continued…

If only they knew!


The message the majority of the voters sent in the last presidential election is pretty obvious.  Whatever the last administration did the voters wanted the new administration to do the opposite.

Among the things the last administration did was it banned stem cell research, declared torture legal, denied the possibility of global warming and acted aloof with other world leaders.

With the support of the people the new administration seems to be systematically reversing many of the policies put into place between 2000 and 2008.

If only John McCain had known about the voter sentiment while he was campaigning.

How I learned infinity

When I was seven years old I asked my dad, “What size is the universe?”  The problem with needing a size assigned is that the entity needs an end.  So my dad posed the question to me, “What’s at the end of the universe?”

“A big wall,” I suggested.

Then he made a plea to my young mind.  He said, “What’s easier to imagine a wall surrounding the universe or an endless universe?”

It wasn’t until I was much older that I finally discarded the wall idea.