Where are the hippies when you need them?

Why did I do this?  Why did I take the photo of the “Octomom” (the lady who recently gave birth to octuplets) posted and watermarked by TMZ.com and remove the watermark and put hippie flowers and a peace sign on it?  Why did I do this?  I obviously had some soul searching to do.octmomflowerpower2

I don’t hate on this lady.  We are fellow mothers.  I truly wish her and her kids well.  A child is a blessing, and she has been blessed BIG time.  What bothers me is the circus that was created by this extraordinary multi-birth event.  If this had been a headline in the 60’s there would have been acceptance of her by the masses, not the ridicule and judgment that she endures today.  Maybe I put the flowers on her belly because I long for the 60’s and universal love.

Hippies were all about love, and live and let live, and everyone is beautiful in their own way.  The best part of the hippie movement was the flowers and love beads.  Nothing brightened up a day more than handing a complete stranger a flower.  The flower children accepted everyone as a brother or sister.  If “Octomom” had delivered in the 60’s there would have been an outpouring of love.  It was her misfortune to deliver during a time of “war and hate” instead of “peace and love.”vwbugflower1

Now that I think about it I may have put the hippie flowers and peace sign on her because her pregnant belly reminds me of the VW bug I had in college, although my VW only had room for four.

Internet Pages vs. Literary Pages


In the sixties there was a fear that television would replace reading.  The concern was that children who watched television would ditch their books.  The dire prediction did not come true.  More recently people worried that the internet would replace books in the lives of children.  From what I have seen that hasn’t happen either.  On the contrary I think the internet has created increased interest in books.

I speak from experience.  I got pulled into the Twilight phenomenon because of the internet.  While surfing the internet looking for a romance novel for some leisure reading I kept running into Twilight.  Normally I wouldn’t be interested in a young adult romance novel.  However there was so much twitter, blogging and postings about Twilight curiosity got the best of me.  I started on page one of Twilight and didn’t stop until the final page of Breaking Dawn….phew!!

I am not here to review the book.  In no way do I want to catch the wrath of the millions of fans.  But for me there was one thing I took away from the book.  I never could get the hot guy in high school and when I look back on my high school years I am reminded of that pain.  Stephanie Meyer has made me feel much better about myself.  I now know that the hot guy was a vampire…and the second hottest was a werewolf. ..again, phew!

Blog and Rants

Baby boomerMy page to write what is on my mind. If you were smart you would listen, if you are genius you would take notes I have been looking forward to this for a long time.  I have advice to give, observations to report and a lot on my mind that needs to be shared.

First of all I’m a baby boomer and I apologize for everything that is wrong in this world.  We baby boomers are responsible for all that sucks in the world today.  For instance, bicycle helmets…you are required to wear them whenever you are on a bike.  You can buy a cool looking bike; however with the helmet you look like a nerd, cool no more.  Baby boomers were concerned about cyclists hurting their heads.  If we baby boomers wanted to stop bicycle injuries we should have just outlawed bicycles.

And I’m sorry about

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