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Shame on Comedy Central for empowering extremists

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are national treasures.  I want my children to tune into South Park, and all other TV shows and films created by this talented duo.  Watching South Park my kids have learned tolerance, and acceptance. They have learned to appreciate that handicap people ( Jimmy and Timmy) are just as whole and complete as those who are not handicapped, and that  people no matter their sexual orientation (Big Gay Al and Mr. Garrison) are caring and giving people.  They have learned about the perils of peer pressure from watching Kyle and Stan resist succumbing.  My kids have learned about safe sex from Ms. Chokesondik, they have learned not to be afraid of an extremist named Bin Laden.  And my kids have learned about eternal optimism from Butters, a kid who if locked in a room full of donkey sh*t will happily play knowing that with all that donkey sh*t there has GOT to be a donkey in there somewhere…however if he brings the animal home his parents will probably ground him.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone should never, ever be censored.

There is a problem with lie detectors

If when a person lies there is a physiological response to the untruth than the machine wouldn’t need an attendant.  All that would be necessary would be to connect the suspected liar to the Lie Detector and let the machine ask the questions, record the response and measure the physiological markers.  However the reality is that when a person lies there is no physical response unless a very intimidating person is listening.

In spear toting primitive cultures liars were meted out by applying the fire heated head of a spear on the tongue of the suspected liar.  If a person was telling the truth there would be enough saliva to dull the heat.  However the liar would have a dry mouth and the tongue would burn.  This worked because a primitive man holding a red hot spear head is very intimidating.  We have the modern equivalent of that in the nice Jewish lady Judge Judy.  She is so intimidating that when she asks a question and the answer is a lie she can detect the subtle physical “tells” including the dry mouth.  The only reason for the Lie Detector is to create something tangible as a memento of the “test.” Apparently little squiggles on paper prove the lie and let us know that the “testee” was intimidated by the “tester.”

There goes the neighborhood

The allegations are unthinkable and the numbers staggering especially the numbers of Priests involved, children violated, and years of inaction.  If this had occurred in any other organization, private or public, it would be the demise of that organization.  Sexual abuse of minors, especially at the hands of someone who is expected to protect and nurture them, is intolerable.  Under “normal” circumstances we could expect that after the first revelations of molestation and abuse the culprit would be removed from their position.  There would follow, and appropriately so, criminal and civil proceedings.  If the organization survives after paying the cost of those proceedings it would be inspired to make sure child abuse never happens again behind its doors.  I am sure that the Pope would like to think that he heads a very pious and moral organization.  I beg to differ.

Calling it as I see it.

Dr. Phil is not a doctor.  He is an old busybody lady who likes to stir up trouble where there isn’t any.  He invites people on his show, treats them to hotel stays, meals and limo rides.  At the studios his victims are pampered by the producers who dress, coif and apply heavy make-up so that they look pretty on camera.  When the camera rolls he works his special magic of creating the drama he needs to sustain his show.  Shame on you, Mrs. Phil…and shame on me for watching.

I dreamed I took a flight in my Maidenform Bra

Airline security has been heightened again. As the terrorists come up with ways to get by security in airports, TSA has to come up with ways to plug the exposed loophole.   When an idiot walked on a plane with tennis shoes spiked with explosives the answer the security came up with was to require us all to remove our shoes at the security check.  Lets hope that some “tranny” terrorist never gets aboard with an armed Maidenform.

Thoughts on Women’s Liberation Movement. part 1

BettyDraperFinal1After watching the AMC series Mad Men I decided to funny clownre-evaluate the woman’s liberation movement (WLM). It appears that one of the main problems with WLM is that they forgot to ask the kids.

The main theme of WLM is that women who are stay-at-home moms are not fulfilled.  That theme put pressure on the generation of girls growing up in the 60’s and 70’s to strive to “have it all,” family and career.  A liberated woman with kids became a juggler.

Women’s liberation was about the mom, but I think if you asked a child they would rather have Betty Draper as a mom than some juggler with a lot of balls.

The competition is fierce for “father of the year”.


Joe Jackson nominated for his efforts to use his son’s tragic death to promote himself and his wallet


John Phillips nominated for wanting to be his own child’s grandfather.


Phillip Garrido nominated because his need to be a dad was so great he kidnapped and raped a child.

Marcus Wesson

Marcus Wesson nominated for cleaning up the mess he made committing incest by killing the product thereof.

*Oct 15 - 00:05*

Richard Heene nominated for using his kids as a meal ticket and teaching then to lie and cheat in front of the entire world.

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin didn’t get nominated this year because his philandering, partying and drug use financed by pimping his kids did not rise to the necessary demented level.  Better luck next year Jon.

Where are you going to put your piece of the peace prize?

Barack Obama had been in office for a matter of weeks when his name was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and had yet to complete his first year when the prize was awarded to him.  In the words of the organization Obama was selected “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”.  It appears to many, including me, that Bush’s foreign policy, and failure thereof, set the stage forMantel1 Obama’s Nobel Prize.  In the 8 years of the Bush administration among other things the USA created a major military presence in two Mideast countries and ignored international co-operation on many matters including the environment and disarmament.

So if Obama won the prize because he replaced Bush and reversed the foreign policies of the Bush administration than the prize was given to the wrong person.  It should go to the voters who put Obama into office. 

I have made a place on the mantel for my portion of the prize.

Do we really need to know?

Closed red door

I wonder what is worse…the things consenting adults do behind closed doors, or the people who need to peep inside.