Thoughts on Women’s Liberation Movement. part 1

BettyDraperFinal1After watching the AMC series Mad Men I decided to funny clownre-evaluate the woman’s liberation movement (WLM). It appears that one of the main problems with WLM is that they forgot to ask the kids.

The main theme of WLM is that women who are stay-at-home moms are not fulfilled.  That theme put pressure on the generation of girls growing up in the 60’s and 70’s to strive to “have it all,” family and career.  A liberated woman with kids became a juggler.

Women’s liberation was about the mom, but I think if you asked a child they would rather have Betty Draper as a mom than some juggler with a lot of balls.

One Response to “Thoughts on Women’s Liberation Movement. part 1”

  1. rHornbek Says:

    I agree. I too feel that the value of being a home maker has dropped in the eyes of the generations you speak of.

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