The United States of Michael Jackson

Father of Country Michael Jackson1You can’t escape it.  You can’t watch TV, or listen to the radio, or go on the internet or stand in the checkout line at the supermarket without seeing news on Michael Jackson’s untimely death.  He was a popular singer but one thing that makes his death a real tragedy is that he was the father to three young children.

As the layers of the story get peeled away, the story gets stranger and stranger.  What is apparent is that the normal laws didn’t apply in Michael Jackson’s world.  The laws of the land didn’t apply; he could get anesthetic delivered to his door.  The laws of nature didn’t apply; three children begotten without a mother.  And the laws of morality didn’t apply; sleepovers with young boys who were served milk and cookies in bed.  Michael Jackson created and lived in his own country and his own planet.  He was the King of Pop and the President of the country to which he was the father, the United States of Michael Jackson.

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